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Our Gear

Our Favorite Outdoor Gear

Having been in business for over 16 years conducting camping and hiking vacations, we have learned what works and what doesn't. The following companies and their gear is what we currently use in the field for ourselves as well as our customers.

Backpack: Aircontact Series by Deuter

These packs, designed for men or women have German engineering behind them, and the quality and workmanship is superb.

Sleeping Bag: Winter bags from Big Agnes, Inc.

Well tailored goose down for cool season nights.

Sleeping Bag: Summer bags from Design Salt, Inc.

Very lightweight synthetic for warm weather (combined with fleece and a cotton liner for slightly cooler weather).

Sleeping Pad: Full length air/cell foam: Thermarest Cascade Designs, Inc.

The standard expedition pad used in outdoor trips, very lightweight and efficient.

Backpack Chairkit: Thermarest Cascade Designs, Inc.

This super lightweight chair incorporates the thermarest pad in it. A great cushioned seat to rest that sore back after a long day of hiking.

Backpacking Tent: Seedhouse 2 person by Big Agnes, Inc.

This is a versatile, lightweight weatherproof tent which sets up very easily.

Basecamp Tent: Mad house 3 person by Big Agnes, Inc.

This comfortable lightweight tent has withstood some of the worst summer thunderstorms thrown at it we have ever experienced, and came through with flying colors.

Trekking Poles: Makalu Antishock Mountain Trek Series by Leki USA Inc.

A wonderful telescoping system that has made the all the difference for our backpacking customers.

Backpack Stove: Jetboil by Jetboil Inc.

A new, very lightweight and fuel efficient stove that burns less than half of the propane of its competitors.

Camp Stove: Two burner stove by Coleman

For our packhorse and camping trips this offers a great system for satisfying meals under the stars.

Water Filter: Miniworks by Mountain Safety Research

The most versatile, rugged and easy to service-in-the field water filter we have used, and we have tried them all. You can have a serious problem in a remote area with a system that fails and cannot be repaired while in the out back, this filter has proven itself over and over.

Satellite Phone: Globalstar

A necessity in the field that insures safety and prompt evacuation in case of an emergency.

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"The trip was more than words can describe. Each evening I look at my 13 rolls of film. Every rock, stream, waterfall, sunrise and sunset, horse and picture of my companions touches me over and over again. First, everything was planned so well. Second, the weather was perfect. Third, Felix  made the trip for us. He watched us carefully, while encouraging us to continue, he took us to so many wonderful places we would have missed on our own. He was aware of our physical limitations  and knew when to rest and how to make us think it was her idea. This trip was meant to be just as it was - WONDERFUL!. Thank you for one of the most memorable times of my life."