HAVASU FALLS 3-DAY LODGING ADVENTURE (starting at $1,395 per person)

Are you looking for an experience of a lifetime? Our Havasu Falls 3-day lodging adventure is one like never before! Travel through the beautiful Grand Canyon and explore the beautiful scenery of the desert southwest. Deep within the Havasupai Canyon, we'll uncover the remarkable location of Havasu Falls. The water at this location is a spectacular blue-green color, which falls into travertine pools.

There is so much history behind the geology, wildlife, and ecosystem down in the canyons. Your guide will be happy to share all about the distinct characters of the area and provide you with ample time to get to know your surroundings. At night you'll be able to stargaze while eating a delicious meal, cooked by your tour guide. You'll rest at the Supai Village Lodge, which offers double capacity, at about two miles out from the falls. Consider this your hidden oasis! You can download the checklist and itinerary below.

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