Grand Canyon Adventure and Camping Tour

The three-day Indian Garden Hiking Adventure is ideal for families and hikers who want to camp below the rim and visit the Colorado River without the hassle of carrying a heavy backpack at all times. The trip leaves early on day one and heads down the trail to the famous Indian Garden campsite, where a large spring gushes out from the canyon wall. This campsite, 3,000ft below the south rim, will be your home for two nights.

On day two, you will hike to the bottom of the canyon with a 10lb day pack, visit the river, and enjoy the creek along the trail before returning to the campsite for the night. On the third day, the party will travel back up the rim. Like all our trips, this one includes professional and certified guides, permits, fees, gear, equipment, meals, and van transportation to and from Flagstaff and the trailhead. You can download the checklist and itinerary below.

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